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Updated Sep 3, 2006

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The Bull Creek Foundation (BCF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a harmonious balance between nature, recreation, and sustainable economic development within the 32 square mile Bull Creek watershed. The watershed includes high quality ecological areas with limestone seeps, springs, and waterways; scenic cliffs and waterfalls; unique archeological and cultural features; and rare plant and animal life. The watershed's boundaries can roughly be defined as the area inside highways 620 and 183, Mesa Drive, and just south of FM 2222.

The foundation is an all-volunteer affiliate of the Austin Parks Foundation, has ongoing volunteer projects at Bull Creek District Park, the Greenbelt Trail and the forthcoming Bull Creek Water Quality Protection Lands trail. Visit our projects page for info on how you can help out.

Here's some photos and information on 2006 projects:

Map of the Bull Creek Watershed

What Does the Bull Creek Foundation Do?

The foundation pursues innovative ways to protect Bull Creek's unique and fragile resources and to encourage compatible growth. Most of our work is carried out through education and partnerships between the people who live, work, develop, and govern in the watershed.

We currently have adopted, built and maintain the Bull Creek Greenbelt, the Bull Creek District Park and the (forthcoming) Bull Creek Water Quality Protection Lands trail. We have a variety of other projects and programs. Visit our Other Foundation Projects for further information.

We hold monthly volunteer workdays improving the trails, removing invasive species (trees and plants), fixing erosion problems and various other projects. If you are interested, email the trail project leader: Charlie McCabe at cmccabe at mac dot com

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To find out more about the Bull Creek Foundation, check out this and the other Bull Creek Foundation web pages or call or email us at one of the email addresses or phone numbers listed below.

- For questions about the Bull Creek Foundation,

contact Skip Cameron, President
8711 Bluegrass Drive, Austin, TX 78759
home: 794-0531
email: scameron at austin dot rr dot com

- For questions about the Trail project or the Bull Creek Foundation Web site,

contact Charlie McCabe
1818 West 39th Street
Austin, TX 78726

email: cmccabe at mac dot com

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